Intellicentre 4 Bunker – Canberra

Our Intellicentre 4 (IC4) Managed Security Centre, based in Canberra, is a state-of-the-art data centre designed to support the Federal Government’s gateway consolidation program.

Our next generation facilities enable the delivery of a full range of hosting services from secure hosting through to secure cloud services to assist Federal Government in facing the opportunities and challenges that the internet and NBN present.

Built to support the Secure Internet Gateways (SIGs) and Secure Hosting Services, this major infrastructure investment reinforces Macquarie Telecom’s commitment to its Federal Government clients, enabling the delivery of services from Canberra in support of the Australian Government’s mission critical applications.

Coupled with the Intellicentre 2 facility based in Sydney, Intellicentre 4 enables us to offer a geographically redundant two zone security solution in Australia.

Macquarie Telecom is a recognised provider to Australian Government agencies through the Internet Gateway Reduction Program (Australian Signals Directorate approved); Data Centre Facilities Panel; Data Centre as a Service (DCaaS) Multi-Use List; Internet Based Network Connection Services Panel (IBNCS); and Australian Government Telecommunications Arrangement (AGTA) Head Agreement.

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