eCommerce Hosting

eCommerce Hosting

In today’s world of always on, always connected business, customers demand that your online store is available and performing night and day, every day.

Do you have the systems, staff, skills and backup plan in place to ensure your websites are continually open for business?

At Macquarie Telecom we understand what keeps an online business running: a managed eCommerce hosting environment that offers high availability with an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution that is highly resilient, secure and infinitely scalable.

We have over 13 years’ experience delivering mission-critical brand and ecommerce hosting services to Australia’s leading companies and online retailers, from the most highly certified data centres in the country – Intellicentre 1 and Intellicentre 2.

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Over this time we have built up specialist knowledge of the major CMS and eCommerce platforms used and expertise in designing and building solutions for both Australian and international customers that reduce costs and maximise online performance.

Deliver high performance and an exceptional end user experience, always.

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