Tasmania’s booming ICT sector doubles in decade

15 August 2014: TASMANIA’S billion dollar information, communications and technology (ICT) sector has almost doubled in value in a decade and is poised to help re-energise and reshape the state’s economy, experts say. The ICT sector in Tasman­ia has grown from generating $1.1 billion in 2003 to an estimated $2 billion next year. And Tasmanian Mike … Read More »

Goodbye global roaming?

29 July 2014: Coming back from a trip to an horrendous phone bill may be a thing of the past. One of the biggest – and most frustrating – costs for overseas travellers is global roaming, but there are solutions available that can help you eliminate, or at least prevent bill shock. Chairman of health.com.au Rupert … Read More »

Classical gas: world of IT sounds all the right notes

Composer Stephen Rozanc wanted to work in information technology, a career he thought would complement his musical background and problem-solving abilities. Rozanc, 24, who studied for a bachelor of classical music composition at the University of Sydney, applied for a job in Macquarie Telecom’s Hosting Management Centre, or call centre, not long after finishing his … Read More »

Macquarie Telecom Provides Australian Cloud Hosting for SaaS Marketing Platform Marketo

Macquarie Telecom Provides Australian Cloud Hosting: Australian hosting and telecommunications company Macquarie Telecom announced last week that it is providing cloud hosting services to marketing software company Marketo. The partnership supports Marketo’s global expansion strategy, including its investment in Australia, New Zealand and the broader Asia Pacific region. Headquartered in San Mateo, Ca., Marketo filed for … Read More »

Tapping Gen Y the right call

12 July 2014: Luring younger workers gas made Macquarie’s local call centres a success Customer service satisfaction ratings are booming, says Macquarie Telecom chief executive David Tudehope, and he is crediting his company’s ability to engage generation Y workers. Macquarie Telecom has revamped it call centre business over the past three years with a focus … Read More »

Marketo Partners With Macquarie Telecom

Hosts in-country services to assist local growth strategy Marketo Partners With Macquarie Telecom Macquarie Telecom will host local Cloud services for Marketo as part of the marketing software provider’s local growth strategy. The Californian based company will host its customer engagement platform and real time personalisation solution at Macquarie Telecom’s Tier 3 facility in Sydney. … Read More »

Marketo partners with Macquarie Telecom to expand local marketing cloud presence

27 June 2014: Leading Australian integrated hosting and telecommunications company, Macquarie Telecom (ASX: MAQ), has partnered with the leading provider of marketing software, Marketo, to provide secure, in-country hosting services designed to assist the company’s ambitious Australian growth plans. The partnership will see Marketo host their customer engagement platform and Real-Time Personalisation solution at Macquarie … Read More »

Macquarie Telecom keeps it local

30 June 2014 : NSA fears have helped onshore players. Just quietly, most Australian data centre operators should raise a glass to Edward Snowden and Julian Assange because those whistleblowers provided some of the last, best reasons for Australian enterprises to keep their data on-shore. Macquarie Telecom is a homegrown data centre operator and telco … Read More »

Commitment to innovation clinches deal in three-way competitive pitch

Macquarie Telecom has successfully retained the business of Domani Digital in a competitive pitch against Interactive and NextGen. Domani Digital renewed the relationship with the hosting provider as Macquarie Telecom’s commitment to innovation in the disaster recovery space was particularly impressive, said Vince Nicita, Domani Digital’s Managing Director. “The Australian hosting game has changed drastically … Read More »