Business Mobility

For too long now, the mobility discussion has been focused on carriers, coverage, and plans. But why should your mobility experience stop there?

We’re helping businesses with the transition into mobility, where everyone in your organisation can securely connect and collaborate whilst on the go. You need business-grade performance from your mobile voice and data network, with the goal of being as productive on the move as you are behind your desk.

We will provide you with the optimum cost solution, leveraging the power of Australia’s 3 mobile networks into one business plan, so that you can think beyond managing your mobile services, and really focus on the productivity from mobilising your enterprise. This frees you up to truly mobilise your workforce, yielding millions rather than being bogged down managing your mobile fleet to save thousands.

And because you’re not locked in to any one carrier, you can take advantage of the latest developments from each. Rest assured, your mobile devices will be optimised for your network, and you’ll have full visibility and control whatever mix of network and devices you use.

Let us optimise the carrier mix for your fleet – giving you great coverage at the lowest cost.

Let us provide you with the tools to manage your devices and applications across multiple carriers and device OS platforms.

Then your workforce can spend more time in front of customers, and less time behind their desks.

Macquarie Telecom can ensure that IT can better fulfil your business objectives such as driving down costs, improving customer service, and increasing revenue.


Let us take the pain out of managing your handset fleet – You have the option to change any aspect of your service online. For example, if a user is not happy they can move their handset between carriers to improve coverage or reduce cost. The choice of all three Australian networks means you can select the network that meets your individual needs – whether it is for office based staff, road warriors or international travellers. Our business-only plans have everything the enterprise needs including user level pay-per-use and account level aggregation.

Flexibility with security: BYOD – Allow any employee device, tablet, and mobile access to IT systems, all in a secure and managed environment.

Optimised coverage and affordability: Our multi-carrier solution gives you access to all the latest available technologies and devices – Smartphones, tablets, modems – all optimised to the right network. Change your mobile carrier, plan, device and technologies without contract restrictions.


Fleet View: Drive your mobile fleet from our industry-leading management tool which gives you real-time data rather than historical damage reports (when it is too late to change anything).Not only that – when you see something you don’t like, you can change it immediately from your web browser! FleetView gives you knowledge and control of expenditure, usage, call types, business and personal use, mobile inventory and cost centre allocation to mobilise your business with confidence. View product sheet.

Shut down bill shock

Lose the gigabytes of excess data charges by choosing the data plan that is optimum for each user. We give you meaningful and relevant notifications regarding the shared data plans of your fleet so that you can take timely action.

Global roaming manager: Stay connected with a single, competitive, aggregated plan across three mobile networks and their associated international carriers, no matter where in the world you are.

Begin the transition towards a truly modern enterprise and experience what mobility really means.

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