Business Mobility

 Empower your workforce while keeping your data safe

Macquarie Telecom provides you with the optimum cost solution, leveraging the power of Australia’s three mobile networks into one business plan, so that you can think beyond managing your mobile services, and really focus on the productivity from mobilising your enterprise. This frees you up to truly mobilise your enterprise, yielding millions in productivity growth.

Macquarie Telecom delivers:

mact icons_21 choice


No other mobile provider can offer you all three of Australia’s leading carriers, and we can source the right network to match your needs.

mact icons_22 flexibility


Give your employees the choice to bring their own device (BYOD) while knowing that your data remains secure.

mact icons_23 control


Our easy to use management tools ensure you have total control over your mobile fleet, regardless of carrier. Spot issues in near real-time and take corrective action before they escalate into problems, with automatic alerts to help control your costs.


mact icons_33 global roaming manager Global Roaming Manager – A single, competitive, aggregated plan across three domestic mobile networks and their associated International carriers. We do not exclude any International countries within the plan.

How is all this possible?

mact icons_38 mact mobility manager We call our EMM solution “Macquarie Mobility Manager“. Begin your enterprise mobility management (EMM) journey with a system that offers mobile device management (MDM) and BYOD with complete visibility, control, and security.


None of this happens by chance however. Our success is the result of hard work by people who combine their understanding of technology with an appreciation for our customers’ unique needs.

At Macquarie Telecom, we define Personal Accountable Service (PAS®) as:

“Our attitude and commitment to delivering a superior experience for our customers through ownership, proactivity, communication and responsiveness.”

We measure this using the Net Promoter Score, and we aim to maintain our aggregate NPS of +50.

mact icons_5 contact centres Because we know exceptional customer service is the key to our success, we have invested significantly to build our in-country, in-house customer contact centres, MacquarieHUB and The Hosting Management Centre (HMC), based on world’s best practise and technology.

Our 100% Australian customer contact centre is recognised and awarded for providing exceptional customer service 24 / 7 / 365, and is staffed by an equally exceptional team who have raised the benchmark in service delivery.

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