LAUNCH Managed Virtual Server

LAUNCH Managed Virtual Servers provide a very efficient hosting option by enabling you to allocate and provision resources from our Virtual Data Centre pool of processors, memory and storage.

For ultimate flexibility, you’re able to deploy and configure the Managed Virtual Servers directly from our portal. With easy to use online tools, you can quickly provision virtual servers, firewalls and storage, helping you to respond rapidly to changes in your business. Since you choose how much storage and compute resources you want, you can also optimise your IT performance and spend.

LAUNCH Managed Virtual Servers are hosted inside our globally recognised Intellicentre 2 data centre. They are proactively maintained and supported in real time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by our team of experts. You can be assured of the highest levels of uptime to keep your communications online, and your business productive.

Service Level Guarantees provide clear financial compensation for non-compliance on availability (uptime %) per month, response time, and time-to-repair. The rebate will be based on a portion of your monthly rental fee equivalent to the time the server was unavailable.

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