LAUNCH Managed Dedicated Server

LAUNCH Managed Dedicated Server

LAUNCH Managed Dedicated Server is a hosting solution that gives you complete physical separation of your critical applications for extra peace of mind.

You have the power to add and modify virtual machines via our online portal, so you can act quickly to changing business needs as well as optimise your IT spend to suit your budget. We will design, build, maintain and manage your dedicated servers, virtual machines and operating systems, as well as provide highly skilled technical support to ensure you avoid any issues.

  • Flexible design – Managed Dedicated Servers include infrastructure consulting, dedicated account management and specialised project management, as well as on-demand support so you know you’re getting the service you need when you need it.
  • High performance – dedicated compute and storage resources for mission critical applications.
  • Rapid scalability – add compute, networking and storage capacity when you want via our online portal.
  • Deep insights – see detailed reports on the performance of your environment in real time so you can optimise operations.

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