LAUNCH Disaster Recovery

LAUNCH Disaster Recovery is a fully outsourced Disaster Recovery solution that works at the hypervisor level. LAUNCH Disaster Recovery is application independent so it works with a wide range of applications and environments.

With one of the lowest downtimes for a Disaster Recovery solution in the industry, LAUNCH Disaster Recovery will get you back up and running in less than 30 minutes as if nothing happened. Our committed data retention policy means that when disaster strikes, you will not experience more than 5 minutes of data loss. In reality, most customers experience less than 1 minute of data loss.

Key Features:

  • Scalable – LAUNCH Disaster Recovery is a hypervisor-based replication solution that is software-based so it can be deployed and managed easily, no matter how quickly the infrastructure expands. The solution also enables administrators to perform operations and configure policies at the level of the virtual machines or applications.
  • Easy to manage – with no guest-host requirements or additional hardware footprint, LAUNCH Disaster Recovery is easy to manage. It simply resides in the hypervisor, enabling centralised management from the virtual management console (such as VMware VCenter). Organisations can now manage everything from the same console and because it is software-based, it is user-installable (the VRA install process itself is automated), user-configurable, and scalable.
  • Hypervisor Based and Network Aware – many Disaster Recovery solutions work at the O-S or Storage level and introduce complexity and unnecessary barriers to reliable failover in a disaster. Using a hypervisor based solution that is fully integrated to your underlying network provides the most seamless and reliable failover for your applications. In many instances the application may never be aware that a failover has happened, providing end users with the ideal user experience in a disaster scenario.
  • Server and Storage Motion – one of the great advantages of the virtual environment is the ability to quickly move virtual machines around from one physical server or array logical unit (data store) to another. This might be done for load balancing or other strategic data management reasons. With VMware, this is accomplished manually through VMotion or automatically using Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS). LAUNCH Disaster Recovery is a hypervisor-based replication and supports this capability, continuing to locate and replicate data no matter where it resides or is moved to.
  • Hardware-agnostic – hypervisor-based replication is hardware-agnostic, supporting all storage arrays, so organisations can replicate from anything to anything. In today’s increasingly heterogeneous IT environment, this allows users to mix storage technologies such as Storage Area Network (SAN) and Network-Attached Storage (NAS), and virtual disk types such as Raw Device Mapping (RDM) and VMware File System (VMFS).
  • Easy Failover Testing and Validation – the ability to test and validate a failover prior to a disaster actually occurring is now fully embedded into the compliance standards for many organisations. This capability is not easily achieved in practice due to resource, operational and other drivers surrounding a live disaster recovery solution. LAUNCH Disaster Recovery provides you with the ability to switch from your live environment to your DR environment and back at anytime with an easy and simple compliance check.

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