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To help your business respond to today’s changing market conditions, our LAUNCH Cloud and Managed Hosting services give you the power to transform your IT environment into a valuable on-demand platform from which you can run and build your business with speed and confidence.

With all the benefits associated with mission critical hosting located inside a world class data centre, LAUNCH Cloud is best-in-class enterprise cloud hosting – at the click of a mouse.


    Launch Private Cloud is built on dedicated infrastructure so your cloud environment provides the security necessary for your mission critical applications. Your LAUNCH Private Cloud can be delivered via our LAUNCH managed dedicated servers or via our colocation services


    LAUNCH Managed Dedicated Server is a hosting solution that gives you complete physical separation of your critical applications for extra peace of mind. With the power to add and modify virtual machines via our online portal, you can react quickly to changing business needs and optimise your IT spend to suit your budget. We will design, build, maintain and manage your dedicated servers, virtual machines and operating systems, as well as provide highly skilled technical support to ensure you avoid any issues.


    LAUNCH Virtual Data Centre (VDC) provides you with complete compute, networking and storage infrastructure within our world-class data centre that is directly under your control. By selecting a LAUNCH Virtual Data Centre you become your own resource manager, with the ability to turn up, turn down and size your cloud computing resources at the click of a mouse. This optimisation means you can save on IT costs as well as quickly deploy cloud environments as and when your business demands.


    LAUNCH Managed Virtual Servers provide a very efficient hosting option by enabling you to allocate and provision resources from our Virtual Data Centre pool of processors, memory and storage. For ultimate flexibility, you’re able to deploy and configure the Managed Virtual Servers directly from our portal. With easy to use online tools, you can quickly provision virtual servers, firewalls and storage, helping you to respond rapidly to changes in your business. Since you choose how much storage and compute resources you want, you can also optimise your IT performance and spend.

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