Our Colocation services will help you build a more powerful, resilient hosting platform, while reducing IT costs and allowing you to focus vital resources on running and building your business.

Have peace of mind knowing that your infrastructure is located in our three highly certified, secure, state-of-the-art Intellicentres, and backed by 100% Service Level Guarantees on power and cooling.

Visit Intellicentre 1 – Pitt Street, Sydney

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Visit Intellicentre 4 – “The Bunker”, Canberra

  • Reduce downtime – Minimise the risk of the downtime that could seriously impact your business revenue. By moving your business infrastructure to a fully managed data centre you minimise the risk of communications room failures (such as power failures, flood, fire, theft) from locally hosted solutions.
  • Lower your maintenance costs and expenditure – Eliminate the need to budget Capex each year to build and maintain your communications room and services including the management of contractors as well as utility and maintenance providers.
  • 100% Service Level Guarantees – We provide 100% Service Level Guarantees on power and cooling.
  • Minimise risk – Redundancy, maintenance and 24 x 7 onsite engineering support provides further peace of mind. A qualified engineer from Macquarie Telecom is always available to assist.
  • Flexibility and scalability – Access hosted managed IT services to selectively outsource key IT infrastructure elements as and when the need arises. This may include internet, firewalls, storage, tape backup – all of which can be designed to suit your infrastructure, budget and staffing needs.
  • Business compliance – We have all the right industry certifications to ensure business compliance. This means that our infrastructure and teams have all met strict audit requirements.
  • Data sovereigntyOur three Intellicentre data centres are all based in Australia so your data will reside securely inside Australian borders and adhere to our strict data privacy laws.

Don’t expose your business to the risks associated with housing your IT equipment solely in-house.

Find out how we can help you build a solid platform for your business.

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